BEFORE READING ON, read the previous posts on 1.18, An Essay on Man, & The Bad Seed. This post will make much more sense, AND it will probably help your mind expand on my rapidly growing theory. 

In the video above, Byron asks if Ezra is hiding out at that high school instead of writing. Ezra has a STRANGE (emphasis on the strange) reaction.


Ezra: “WHAT?” (with a slight choke/cough reaction)

Why would Ezra react that way? What? Really Ezra? WHATTT????  I don’t think Ezra was thinking about his and Aria’s relationship at this moment. If he was, he wouldn’t be worried by Byron thinking he was hiding out at the school. If he thought Byron had a clue about him and Aria, that isn’t where Byron would expect him to be hiding. So why does Ezra react like this??? 

Byron basically says to him that he’d have more time for his writing if he worked at a college. WHY IS EZRA’S WRITING SO IMPORTANT TO THE WRITERS OF THIS SHOW?????

I have implied before that I think Ezra is writing a book, and I just feel like whatever he is writing is being kept a secret for a reason. I REALLY think he is writing a story on Alison, and that is why he’s “hiding out” at the school. What I haven’t figured out yet is what this supposed book is about. Here’s my EZRA’S BOOK THEORY:

I think that Ezra witnessed something between Byron & Alison. Whether it was a confrontation or a tryst, I think Byron & Alison ended the meeting in disagreement over something. I think Ezra did one of the following:


So yea, I’m sure if you read my thoughts on 1.18 and the Bad Seed, this just made the Ezra’s book theory even more convincing. If this isn’t where the writers are going with Ezra’s storyline, they are fools. They have left so many hints that point towards this. Even hints that go as far back as like the second episode. Let me know how you’re feeling about this theory. Does it make sense to anyone else? Or am I completely alone?


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